I am seriously thinking of going for a non strapless gown. Strapless seems a default for the wedding gowns nowadays and indeed i think most Asian brides look good with them. Yet, I still want to see if I still look good with dresses with straps.  V neck, scoop neck and off-the-shoulder are my cup of tea.  (I don’t like halter neck, cap sleeves and sphagetti straps)

Here are some ideas.

Amy Kuschel


Melissa Sweet

Augusta Jones


Selia Yang 1

Selia Yang 2

I have tried on the Melissa Sweet off the shoulder gown in White bridal, and the Selia Yang V Neck on in Bluch Bridal. I am not a  busty type and suprisingly my boobs did not look  too “flat” when I was on these dresses.   Hohoho!

 Bridesmaids, friends, bloggers, any thoughts?