Which one is your favorite? (pictures may take longer time to load)

JPB 360 Opera

JPB 357 Cornelia (front)

JPB 296 Beatrice

JPB 404 LydiaJPB 403 Clio

JPB355 Amata

JPB Cornelia (back)

JPB 357 Cornelia
JPB 396 Asteria

JPB 372 Gaia (front)

JPB 372 Gaia (back)

JPB 401 SaskiaJPB 383 MinervaJPB 383 Minerva (back)

JPB 389 Hemera

JPB 345 Tiara (front)

JPB 345 Tiara (back)

sweet sovernirs

None of these dresses really ‘wow’ed me but I did enjoy the show a lot.

Additional images of  Minerva